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Great workout to get all my routes right and all the technical things down. 
- Lucas Leander 

Coach Pina Jr and Sr have taught me more than any other coach I've ever had, Most coaches that do training sessions just want their customer's money and tell them what they want to hear. At Qb velocity, the coaches are passionate and care about every player they come by. 
_ Cooper Hansen

Coach Mike and Mike Jr. are the best! They've been working with my youngest son Rajon for a while now. They have patience and push him to try and be the best that he can be. My oldest son Dalen recently started training with the linemen coach. Dalen has said nothing but good things. During this pandemic the world is experiencing, QB velocity makes sure to follow the guidelines, and as a parent, it puts me at ease, and I'm comfortable sending my boys. I highly recommend any football player in any position wanting to get better!
- Danielle Burkes 

This has been great for my son! He is learning how to get stronger, have proper form, and building confidence. The coaches are great!
- Laura Mackay 

QB Velocity does a great job 
breaking down the basic fundamentals & teaching great techniques no matter your skill level. 
​- Wayne Leader

I like the amount of teaching that the coaches provide my 9 year old son. Teaching him proper footwork, throwing motion, and overall mechanics.

- Joel Resil

QB Velocity has really elevated both my son's skill set and most importantly their confidence. They began training with Coach Pina Sr. and Coach Pina Jr. in 2019 and they both had standout seasons. So much so that they both signed to play football in college even without a fall 2020 senior season. 

- Kimberly Thomas 

What I love about QB Velocity are the small group atmosphere and individual training. Also, getting to know other athletes from surrounding towns.

- Ethan Pohl

Coaches are very focused on each individual player and coach them on things they see that need to be improved.

- Connor Zukowski 

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