vIQtory Sports is a team of coaches, insiders and plain ol’ football nerds. They are  dedicated to bringing you football from a foundational & complex level. Their team eats, sleeps and breathes football year round!


Kayla Connors is the founder of KayConPhotography. KayConPhotography has gained experience in various types of photography over the years such as; athletic banquets, the MIAA division 8 Superbowl at Gillette, senior portraits, birthday parties, weddings, team portraits, and much more.


William Ballou is an Animator who attended Lesley University. He became interested in animation through his love of film and art, combining the two mediums. In his free time he works on side projects and studies motion graphics with the goal of creating interesting visuals for people to understand new information.


LRT Sports is the leading company in college coach ratings. Our full database of coach ratings and reviews provide first-hand experiences from current and former student-athletes. Founded in 2014, LRT Sports stays ahead of the game by helping athletes and their families with Understanding College Athletics™ by offering virtual workshops, coach ratings, JV and Varsity Memberships, recruiting, and wellness information from head coaches, Olympians, pro athletes, and current and former athletes.