Founded By a Father and Son

QB Velocity was founded in order to help out the next generation of athletes on and off the field. We are a family based business and our mission is to help our athletes in many areas including:

  • Leadership development 

  • Mental development 

  • Recruiting 

  • Position specific fundamentals

  • Working with others

  • Footwork

  • And more!

Coach Pina Sr.

  • Experience coaching at multiple levels

  • Multiple positions coached

  • 2X State champion as a player

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Coach Pina Jr.

  • Current College Coach

  • Record breaker at Nichols College

  • All conference and 2X state champ in High School

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Our Athletes

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Use our service from your house or on the move.

We offer a virtual film analysis session to every athlete. No matter where you live , you can experience the knowledge that we offer. Our virtual training is a great option for athletes that are currently in season . For more questions , contact us through our email or social media.

Massachusetts, USA


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Contact us through social media , email or by phone number to schedule a session . Our availability may be found on Facebook. We have flexibility to fit your needs!


For more information about QB Velocity, our programs, activities, staff, and more, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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"The separation is in the preparation:

Russell Wilson