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Slingin It With QB Velocity EP. #39 Thomas Le Boucher!

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

We're back with another episode of Slingin It With QB Velocity! This week, Mike Pina Jr.'s guest was French Offensive Lineman Thomas Le Boucher. They talked about his journey from France to play football in the United States and the recruiting process that brought him to Arizona State.

You can listen to this week's episode on Apple, Spotify, YouTube and more.

Thomas Le Boucher is originally from Marseille, France. He has already had a long journey in his career, he's had the chance to experience different teams and cultures: he first went to play in Canada and then he moved to the US to most recently playing for Indy Community College. In the fall, he'll have the opportunity to suit up for Arizona State University.

Thomas discussed the reasons behind choosing Arizona State as new team, as well as the feeling of being the first every French football player in the PAC-12. Thomas also gave some great advice on the recruiting process for international football players.

If you are curios and you want to know more about Thomas's experience and his advice for a future career, make sure not to miss this week's episode!

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