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Slingin It With QB Velocity EP. #37 Coach Chris Merritt

Slingin It With QB Velocity is back for another episode! This week Mike Pina Jr. has welcomed another guest, Coach Chris Merritt. If you have missed some episode, no worries! You can find the complete collection on Spotify and on our YouTube channel.

You can find this week’s episode on Spotify and YouTube.

This saw Coach Chris Merritt as the guest: through the years, he has gained great experience both as a player and coach and for the past three seasons he has been the head coach at Bryant University. Coach Merritt has also international experience, as a player and as a head coach. He was also the head coach at Christopher Columbus HS in Miami, FL, where he won multiple state championships and sent many players to play at the collegiate and pro levels.

Coach talks about how Bryant University is happy to announce the opening of a new stadium, where the team will play their home games, with VIP boxes and other sporting facilities. As Coach Merritt explained, Brant represents a special opportunity for students: even though it is considered a difficult school, sacrifices will be repaid with prestigious jobs once graduated. The atmosphere itself at Bryant inspire students to excel, with a great campus, six football fields and many other colleges within 30 minutes driving.

In this episode, we have gone through Coach Merritt’s life and career, talking about his experiences abroad and what being a Coach for a college team really means.

If you want to know more about Coach Merritt, make sure not to miss this week’s episode. Go check it out now!

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