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Slingin It with QB Velocity #4 with Former Michigan Quarterback and Receiver Devin Gardner

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

For Season 3 Episode 4 of Slingin it with QB Velocity we got a chance to speak to former Michigan Quarterback Devin Gardner.

He had a distinguished career at Michigan playing both Wide Receiver and Quarterback. For his time in the NFL, he spent time with the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers. He also played 2 seasons in the X League in Japan

In the interview we talked about the recruiting process for him, why he chose Michigan, the tradition at Michigan, his thinking when coaching quarterbacks, and his time overseas in Japan.

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When was the first moment you feel in love with football?

Probably say when I was. 4-5 maybe, maybe even three, I don't know or broke. My older brothers are significantly altered me, so when I was when I was really little like that, they were in high school and playing peewee football and everything already so they come home with their to pads and then and then I'll put their helmet on.

Obviously, you know it's probably way too big, you know. I had a pretty big head at that age. I think it was the same size this. But yeah, I just remember that I have like pictures of it and then I remember they were they were close to the same age so they would go in the front yard and do hitting drills and stuff and I just thought that was most it was so loud, and I thought that was the coolest thing ever and I just couldn't wait to, you know get my chance. Ironically enough they both play defense though so but. It was around those ages that I kind of started for my love for football.

Anyone when you were growing up that you looked up too?

It's funny as you guys. When I was when I was coming up always wear #7 because I love Michael Vick. Right when I was nine years old is when he was really popular at Virginia Tech and he's running all over the place doing all this stuff and so.

But he's a shorter guy, right? And so, by the time I was 12 installer Michael Vick, right, and I do not have his wheels right so? I Kinda had to answer what I thought I was gonna be as a player. Yeah, it's just not nearly as fast and I was already told him at that point, but he was my favorite player for sure.

I love Barry Sanders as well. Got like old pictures of me in in my Barry Sanders Jersey for Halloween, but Michael Vick was my favorite quarterback growing up. even though at a point i knew that i could not do the things that he could do.

When did you realize, you could go to school playing football?

Oh, I know. because you know when you're a kid and this happens now and throw me now it's a little different with social media, everybody kind of getting social back when I was a kid it was just NFL, right? It really, it really wasn't even gold account.

It was like I'm gonna go play professional football so I never really thought about, you know, going to college and. And playing football, but. When I was 14 out of high School, I started getting recruited right like seriously recruited.

And at best when it kind of became reality and I had a magazine with Terrelle Pryor on the front of it he's like number one junior in the country or something like that and I'm like OK these are things that I can obtain right all those are things that I wanna do and from then i kind of thought it was real and I really could do it.

How did it feel like being ranked so high coming out of high school?

Cool man, I mean because you know, you know I thought you know I thought it was it was a goal of mine to be normal for back in the country and all these different things and you know. A lot of people when you say something like that at such a young age, you're probably you know they laugh at you right?

And it kinda like what. No way, right? You know many people are playing quarterback in the United States of America, right? And so, for it to be able to be relied on in. Obviously it's all opinion, right? So I was the best for tracking someone's opinion, but for someone to feel that way about me.

Well, actually. Someone along with a group of others that were bold or whatever they do, but I thought that was really really cool. because that's like kind of your first dream that you realize, and it was it was a lofty goal, and I was able to obtain it.

So, I think I think that was that was a really big highlight, you know, growing up, just get a chance to you know, see that and be. Be that guy around the country, but the one thing that people don't probably realize that back then social media wasn't that that big, right? Wasn't it you saying like that? And so, at my school, small school in start high school, nobody really knew I was that good at football, right?

Because before I got in there, we had a quarterback they had a quarterback name? Aaron Shavers, who? And everybody in school saw it so lucky for me. I was graduating high school early so Raffi and I play in the all-American game. I went to college because it would probably been pretty hectic and in school and stuff like that. So, I kind of. I'm kind of thankful for that. But some a party wants to know what it would be like if in this era, like I'm knowing quarterback and then and how people would receive that.

What advice would you give a young athlete going through that right now?

It's a great tool, right? Social media and being able to push your highlights and workout videos and things like that. You know some people, like man, I'm not posting all my workout stuff, that's fake, that's all.

But a lot of that stuff works, right? because? Especially in this cold in time where coaches don't get a chance to see you, right? They wanna hear you throw the ball they wanna see right? With video? Not edited? Not all that other stuff. Cold you see your weakness is right. You want to highlight the things you do well and let them try to pick out your weekend. But don't put bad stuff out there, but probably my biggest advice. And, uh, yeah. I mean, just go get it.

What are some of your philosophies when working with quarterbacks?

It's so much man. It's because as you guys, I'm sure no quarterbacking is the hardest thing you'll do in your life right now and I kind of compare it to