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Slingin it with QB Velocity #2: Super Bowl Champion Running Back Robert Turbin

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

For Season 3 Episode 2 of Slingin It with QB Velocity we got the chance to speak with current FCF player Running Back Robert Turbin.

Robert was drafted in the Fourth round of the 2012 NFL Draft by the Seattle Seahawks. He has played for the Seahawks, Browns, Cowboys, and Colts in his time in the NFL. Now he is in the FCF playing for the Beast co-owned by Marshawn Lynch.

We got to talk about how the FCF is a new and exciting league, how NFL should give chances to more players, the talent level in the league, the draft process, and his time with Bobby Wagner.

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What made you want to play in the FCF?

I love football. I want to continue to play. You know the last couple years of my career, you know, didn't go the way that you know I would have liked it too, and that's just kind of part of it, right? You know, a lot of us have things kind of go through some of those. You know, down years per say, for lack of a better word, and you know, for me, it's just trying to find creative ways to continue my career.

You know, I feel like I can still contribute to an NFL team in the NFL roster, and I certainly. You know, for like I still have a lot of game left in me. I work very hard, you know, on a daily basis, and I've done, you know, pretty much everything that I that I possibly could do on my part to get another opportunity. And it didn't transpire, in 2020 it happened at the end of the year in 2019, but didn't really get any opportunities to carry the rock or anything like that, right? Or make it impact? So, you know, coming playing in the fan Control Football League I thought would be, you know, creative way to do a couple of things.

Number one obviously get filmed in pads. You know, hidden guys in it, you know, in a game environment and go out there and making some plays and then on the other hand. of mine or two even to partner with this league and create some sort of sponsorship and stuff like that where we can all eat and so it's I thought would be a good opportunity all the way around.

Where do you see this league ending up?

Man, I think it's gonna do nothing but grow. I mean if you think about where the world is going, you know as pertains to virtual and twitch right online and eat, you know, E games and stuff like that, right? And having a League where the fans are in control? It's different, you know it's out. It's outside of the box, and so I. I first see that the League continuing to grow, and you know it does create opportunities. You know for young players there really any player to have an opportunity next level. What it every may be the NFL or CFL you know, etc.

And so, when you have a combination of that where you're allowing guys to build their own brands in any way that they want, I mean, like the gloves that we where is owned by company by one of the players here, you know he, he's the one that makes these gloves so that you know you have creative opportunities like that for players. Then obviously there's a football aspect everywhere you have.

NFL scouts coming CFL scouts coming. You know, being able to watch these guys practice and workout do some of the drills and obviously watch the tape to playing the game, which is really where you're able to establish your resume. It's you know it's a great opportunity, you know they've been able to create this bubble.

You know we saw the other leagues, the AAF. You know, was enough. But they had to shut down their season as well. Similarly, to the AF, you know, do the code and everything like that, but I still got an opportunity from that League. But then you come to the SF, the excluding the FCF they've been able to establish a bubble.

They've been able to establish, you know, a minimal number of guys to stay here and be committed and follow the protocols and everything like that. They're giving we're getting covid tests every other day downstairs in the lobby. In the mornings, you know they've got the weight room set up the kitchen and everything like that. It's so organized, so you know that's why this League, Compared to the other, leagues have been able to finish the season.

I'm sure you know, as they were putting this together, they were learning right along the way, but they're blocking me a exit felon. Seeing some of the mistakes that they made, perhaps right, and they're like, OK, we go into it here, something that we can do different, so we don't make those same mistakes and so. you know we had that kind of organization and guys you know who are willing to learn and adjust and do things on the fly and stuff like that it only it only makes him through your league to grow.

It seems like the FCF is a well runed league?

No, it is. It is like I said, like you know, there's some things they can iron out. You know if they don't have all the rules right ironed out yet another change in the rules every week. And you got guys changing teams. You know every week. I don't know how you know how good or bad that is. You know for the League. and so, you know there's certainly some things that can be ironed out but for the most part you know I would agree with you, but it's well run.

Every other league has a developmental league, and the NFL doesn’t.