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Slingin it with QB Velocity #3: FCF Wide Receiver Andrew Jamiel

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

For Season 3 Episode 3 of Slingin It with QB Velocity we got a chance to speak with current FCF player Wide Receiver Andrew Jamiel.

Andrew started all four years at Stonehill College with him carving out a great career there. He is now one of the standouts in the FCF playing in the championship game this weekend.

In the interview we talked about the FCF, what the week looks like, how he chose Stonehill, and what inspired him and more.

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How are you feeling coming of the playoff win? Heading into the championship game this weekend?

I'm feeling great. I mean that game is a lot of fun. You know, we felt like we were the underdogs. Coming into that game. You know what I mean and the beast were rolling all year. So, it was awesome to come out and compete like we did.

And you know the fact that we're playing in the championship next weekend is unreal. So, it was a lot of fun to go out there and ball out. But that's what we expected. because we got some dudes on our team, you know, we mean. We just haven't been playing, you know, a consistent game, so it was good that we put it together at the right time.

How where you able to put it together at that time for the game with the teams always changing?

It's been different playing with guys every week, but I mean we all practice together and we get a lot of reps and everybody is a professional. You know what I mean. So, we seem to adjust to it pretty quickly, so we obviously did our last draft 2 weeks ago and that was our team for three straight weeks now so we had like the last regular season game playoff game and then the championship so.

This is gonna be a third week playing with the same quarterbacks and running backs and receivers and skill players, which you know a lot of. That's chemistry and timing. So, like I said, we get a lot of reps in practice, so every day.

I mean we're just getting closer and closer and I feel like we're playing our best football right now on offense and the defense balled out last game. So, if we do that again. I think we're gonna come up with a W.

How is the process trying to work together on the team?

I mean it's good you got all the dudes here cool you know we all get along with spend a lot of time together that's just how it is when we got here 2 1/2 months ago. We just said you know we're going to be in this all season so we just you know we've been able to make it work but it's been awesome up but I'm enjoying playing with all these guys.

From D2 and there's kids here that played you know at some of the biggest schools in the country and already played the NFL like there's two or three kids here that have super bowl rings in the NFL so it's crazy that we all came together to play.

How did your opportunity come about joining the FCF?

So, this past summer, like I was just training staying ready. Obviously the CFL got cancelled. XFL got cancelled so it was kind of just. I mean it was hard. So, I basically I felt like I'm good enough and I still do and I can play with some of the best.

So, I just I was waiting for an opportunity that I could just show people that you don't mean and I had met Francois. At a free agent showcase in front of some scouts in San Diego and he and I end up talking, we exchanged numbers. He hit me up a few weeks later and he's like, yo, there's this try out in Atlanta for this new League. My agent told me about it.

He said I'm gonna go so I was like yeah alright I'll go to and then that's the one destroys was at and then from there I just learned about the League. They gave me a call offer me a contract and. I mean I said, why not?

You know, like that I was talking to Commissioner Ray when he called me and offered me the contract. He's like, you know, I get that your free agent, but he's like the best thing you can do is put in film out there and letting teams know like. You're still active in keeping your name relevant in the football world. You know what I mean?

So, I just didn't see a downside to. It was only six games, and I mean I knew was gonna be good competition, which is what I wanted so. It's been good.

Can you talk about your resilience and how some kids don’t even play college ball?

I mean, I don't take it for granted, you know? I mean playing the game just because I love football and I always have since I was seven and I come from a football family. So, I just feel like to this point and it's just like one of the main things that I've always known and done is played football, you know.

So being able to play in college was awesome, but I always I always knew in high school. I wanted to play college football so I just worked at it and I mean because I cared. And just being able to play now professionally, you know it is cool. Especially this is my first professional contract, so it's definitely different from college, but I mean, it's awesome.