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Real Talk With QBV #12: Former D1 WR and State Record Holder Alex Jamele

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

To cap off our first season of real talk, we had the pleasure of talking with former division 1 wide receiver at Central Connecticut State University and current wide receivers coach for Southington high school , Alex Jamele .

Alex holds the Connecticut state record for receiving touchdowns in a season with 29! He also holds the record for most all time receiving TDs with 50 , while playing for the well known football program in Southington, CT. You can find his name in multiple spots in the record bookbook. During his time there he helped propel Southington to 2 state championship titles.

Alex is back at Southington coaching up the receivers and recently started his own training program in Connecticut called "Wideout School".

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Season 2 of Real Talk with QBV will be starting at at he beginning of October, stay tuned for more info!

What is your advice for the young athletes about staying in shape/overcoming adversity during this time

"I would recommend to stay in the weight room. Be prepared for whatever. That's what life is, you never know what will happen. You have to take it on to your best ability

You always have to stay ready. My first year at Central, I was able to get on the field due to a guy ahead of me went down so I was able to tale advantage of the opportunity because I was staying ready

For receivers , make sure you are getting with your quarterback . You should make sure that you are getting a relationship with him and you work on timing for routes, especially the fade ball. "

When did you develop your love for the game of football? How old were you?

"I actually started in flag. Overall I had a great experience playing youth ball. My dad was my coach. Those times are unbeatable, that's where I really started my love for the game.

"There's so much that you can from a young age .You have to be a student of the game. You can't go into a room thinking you know everything. There is so much that you can learn about it every single year. Always try to absorb everything."

Being in such a sport’s driven town, what was it like growing up in Southington, CT

"From a young age , I would go to the high school games and look up to the guys that were playing. I love how we are a big sports school and the school cares about it.

Coach Drury implements a mentality that Southington football is different and we are going to hold you accountable and have you be a great person off of the field . The whole town is invested in the football program .

One thing I would recommend is always stay ready. I had the opportunity my freshman year of college to get on the field after 2 of the receivers ahead of me going down, so I had to be ready."

Talk about your High School Career in Which You Broke the State record for Receiving TDs (29)

My QB was great, He always put in the extra work especially in the film room. He commanded the offense very well by telling people where they needed to be at in certain situations .

All of our wide receivers were on the same page as well. We all sold out for each other. For example , if you are running a lazy hitch on a smash play , that cover 2 corner will realize that and take away the corner route .

Overall, we had an amazing team and all of the guys cared about each other.

Favorite route to run?

"Its got to be a comeback . If you really understand how to run it you can really be great at it. You can influence that DB to think you are doing something else, especially when you're at the top of the route at around 13-15 yards. Once the QB knows your're breaking on the ball he can put it out there out of your break.

The way that I ran it was a reverse opening at the top of the route . I would use my forearm off of their hip to get some pass interference calls and it was easier to see the ball out of the break. "

How was your transition from High School to College ball on the field?

"It was interesting , Being the number 1 guy , number 1 target it's different going back to the bottom. The starting QB didn't know the type of player I was so he didn't trust me in certain situations.

The speed of the game is much faster once you get to college. Even the lineman can move . I caught a rocket screen , I was in the open field and I had a lineman from Dartmouth chase me down from behind."

What made you get into coaching?

"I had a short career in college because I had too many concussions and I had to stop playing. So I started off by sticking around the team filming for them . I wanted to stay around the game . Originally it wasn't the plan but I love doing it."

What’s your favorite concept?

"I would have to say it is Y pop it is from attached or not attached and can be a tight end or a slot receiver . Its a play fake for the QB and he is reading the linebacker to see if he decides to play the number 2 receiver or crash down on the run . It's an easy read and an easy throw as well. "

Don't forget to check out the full talk and our others in the past on our YouTube channel!

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