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Real Talk Season 2 with QBV #7: Kevin Mensah Current Running back for the Connecticut Huskies

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

This week on Real Talk with QBV, Kevin Mensah joined us. He is currently the starting running back for the UCONN Huskies!

In 2018 Mensah became the first running back since 2011 to have 1000-yards. He totaled 1045 yards on 225 carries and scored six touchdowns for the Huskies. Then in 2019, Mensah became the first Husky running back to rush for at least 1,000 yards in back-to-back seasons since Jordan Todman accomplished this in 2009.

With his this year being canceled to the pandemic, he's hopeful for next season and is continuing to put the work in despite the situation. He talks about what the Huskies are doing during this crazy time, some advice for young athletes, and much more!

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How did you view UCONN when they recruited you? 

“I was a late recruit so they recruited me July of 2017 right after I graduated Highschool. They told me straight up if you come to UConn you will have the opportunity to play early and that was an opportunity that I didn’t want to miss. They have shown me, love, since January on my senior year in Highschool so you know to pay them the respect I had to go there commit and give them all I got.”

What's a team you feel a little rivalry against when you play them? 

“I would say the UMass game that is always a rivalry at this school. There were a lot of games that felt like rivalries but I would say UMass and ECU (Eastern Carolina).”

What was your recruiting process like? 

“My coach gave me opportunities to go to camps and stuff like that so I took that opportunity and showcased my talent. Trusting his words, doing the right thing, and focusing on school. I can’t lie school is very tough for me, but focusing on school and just doing the right things you know. A lot of schools were recruiting me, a lot of big schools and people don’t know this but I was actually ready to go to Michigan my senior year, that didn’t happen though and I went to UConn, and ever since its been great.”

Any advice for kids going through the recruiting process? 

“Schools very important without school there is no football so make sure that education is very important to you. It transferred from the classroom, the more prepared you are in the classroom the more prepared you will be for the game.”

What is your Major at UConn and what are your plans for it? 

“Human development in family science is my major. I am using it as an in for law school. I am big on the law and stuff like that.”

Who do you see yourself as in comparison to an NFL player

“This is tough he is an old back but I see myself as Ricky Williams. His power and speed you know I feel like we have the same and then his awareness of seeing the holes and being patients too.”

What are your favorite run play, route, and formations

“I like everything but I am a power guy. In my high school, we ran double-wing so it was different. I like spread a lot same with I formation I like the downhill running. You can do a lot with those formations as well. For a route, I would have to say the out route.”

What are some things you do to help the younger guys around the program? Do you view yourself as a mentor?

“I mean I don’t really talk a lot, I lead by example. So just doing the right things, being the first to the classroom, and making sure your name is never on a bad list. Also just being a leader on the football team, if you show the young kids that, they will want to grow up and be like that and want to be that type of leader for the team. It goes a long way for the team and it helps the team win.

How are you Adjusting and staying busy?

“Just by grinding you know, doing everything. Trying to stay on top of classroom stuff but thinking of it as a regular spring off-season. Just grinding. Just doing what you normally would in the spring, you guys know how it is, schoolwork, offseason workouts, keeping your head down and try not to think about the season that was supposed to happen."

"You have to think about how you are going to get better and take that approach every day. We were able to have a mini spring practice, we just had to cut it short because of the cases at school. We ended up getting some good work in and see guys who improved over the offseason. We have to keep that approach and keep the same feeling for next season.”

What motivates you to want to be better? Or to be great?

“My family, just being able to provide for them or have the opportunity to provide for them in the future. That makes me want to keep going. I could be the one to change their life that keeps me going too.”