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Catching up with QBV: Coach Kyrell Wooten on his life experiences, advice to athletes and with QBV

Coach Kyrell Wooten has represented a vital component of QB Velocity. We had the chance to meet him and catch up with him. Kyrell has been able to share its passion for the sport and pass it towards new generations with patience and dedication.

Ever since high school, his interest and passion for football has began to grow: he grew up in Brockton, sometimes in difficult environments, and took part in the military for a few years, then after he returned home began coaching football.

Kyrell is still growing as a coach but has a great passion in passing his knowledge and experience to young athletes.

When did your love of the game start?

For me, it really started during my freshman year of high school, when football begins to become very competitive.

What was it like to grow up in Brockton?

I'd say it had its rough moments but great times as well. Taught me a lot. There were certainly tough moments growing up in the city. There were many bright moments as well. Overall, growing up in has taught me a lot

How was your football experience in high school?

I was always the smaller kid but I worked really hard every year to get more and more looks from the coaches. I played my freshman to junior year at Southeastern Regional and in my senior year I moved and played in St louis Missouri.

What made you pick going to AIC?

I heard about them in my junior year and my senior year. I lived in St. Louis and I liked what I read about the program and liked what I saw.

How was your experience in the military?

I did 6x2 6 year active duty for the guard 2 years inactive. I was Deployed in 2011-2012, I was a 11bravo = infantry. It was a great learning experience before deployment, but don't wish war on anyone.

What made you want to coach?

Deciding to coach was a very easy decision. I wanted to help my son learn the game and the love for this game. I saw a chance for me to have an impact on young athletes.

How did you get involved with QB Velocity?

Coach Mike Sr and Jr I played football with both of them and have a great respect for what they do on and off the field. It's great to work with people that you can learn from and are willing to learn from you. Also, Mike Jr used to watch me play with his dad when he was a young kid.

What have you learned from coaching at QB Velocity?

Well I'm still learning from a coaching standpoint different positions that I was not familiar with. Operation stand point, how to set up a camp or clinic, how to make involvement need to be what you consider perfect and even if it is a hit there are still things we can find to fine tune to get better. So I'm learning a lot from QB Velocity.

What are some tips for up and coming skill players to focus on?

Young athletes should really make sure that they focus on their feet and hips.

Any advice for young athletes?

Family School Football help out at home do your choirs school study do the extra work stay after school if you need help don't be afraid to ask for help we teach communication on the field is the same at home and at school respectfully.

Football be the first one on the field and last to leave work the hardest believe in your craft.

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