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Catching Up With QB Velocity Coach Sam Ejiasi: Life in Texas, College Career and Advice

The other day, QB velocity had the opportunity to interview another one of its own, coach Sam Ejiasi who had the chance to play at both Mount Ida and UMass Dartmouth.

Coach Sam has been been working with QB Velocity as the linebackers and defensive backs coach

Talk about what it was like growing up in Texas. Did you live there your whole life?

"Growing up in Texas was very fun, I had a lot to do and it was always nice hanging out with all my friends all day outside. My first job and playing football. I bounced around from Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Dallas, Texas when i was younger but Dallas/ Forney."

What sports did you play growing up?

"I played football since I was Ten years old, I wrestled, boxed, ran track, and was part of the power lifting team in high school."

How was you experience at North Forney high?

"My experience at North Forney high was a solid experience. I made life long friends and our school was so diverse that it made it okay to be yourself around anyone."

What was your recruiting process like? What made you choose Mount Ida?

"I had an interesting recruiting process. I had the opportunity to talk to top tier Division 2 programs in the country and also some top JUCO's. When I went to Mount Ida on a visit and I met coach Landers and drove around Boston. I was really interested I just felt like something was telling me to come here. I went with my Gut!"

Mount Ida closing blindsided everyone. Talk about what you were thinking when it happened?

"I was pissed off but also happy I ended up having a great season at a bigger school UMass Dartmouth and I expanded my career network. I do believe everything happen for a reason."

What did you major in while you were in college? What made you choose to study this?

" At Mount Ida i started of as a sports management major and then my sophomore year I decided to switch to Business Management. I got my degree at UMass Dartmouth in Business Management and leadership."

How was your experience playing at both Mount Ida and UMass Dartmouth?

"I'm not going to lie, it was not much different. Playing on defense everyone has he same mentality. Play hard, be aggressive and know your job."

To me, you are one of the hardest workers I have ever been around and were a great motivator when we were teammates. Talk about why having a sense of work ethic is important?

"Having a sense of work ethic is very important in your every day life, Academics, career, and athletics. I grew up around hard working people and it really just rubbed off on me and I know I want to be successful later on in life and the only way that will happen is giving it you all everyday. Also showing that same work ethic to the next generation."

What made you start developing young athletes?

"Being able to see young athletes grow and become great is really my only reason. Plus I love football and giving back."

What is the biggest advice you like to tell Linebackers? Defensive Back?

"Make sure you work on your agility and stretch your body. Your hips, If you have tight hips you will be exposed."

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